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We all love notebooks. They are the constant companions in everyday life and give our thoughts and ideas a home. Whether very puristic, elegant or in the color blocking style, our notebook models are still made in our own manufactory according to the old bookbinding tradition.

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Weekly Calendar

A daily business.

Weekly Calendar

Think about tomorrow today: The Cutting Edge weekly calendar from Semikolon combines organisation, planning and notes in one volume. Birthdays, appointments, thoughts - everything that is important has its place here. In addition, the calendar contains useful information such as school holidays, public holidays and a 3-year review.

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Be my guest.


The best way to capture memories of wedding, party, dinner or other events when your friends visit your home. A book whose 180 blank pages made of fine Swedish paper are gradually filled with beautiful memories.

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Turn back in time.


Anyone who entrusts their thoughts to a diary creates a particularly valuable book. From the many entries recorded here, a very individual picture of a phase of life emerges - and thus an irretrievable testimony of what we have experienced, felt and achieved.

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