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Storing precious memories

As special on the outside as they are on the inside. Our photo albums, leporellos and picture frames feature a minimalist design and are made of premium materials. Now available in vibrant colour combinations.


Cutting Edge


The CUTTING EDGE collection by Semikolon combines classic and avant-garde elements with a progressive colour selection inspired by the fashion world.


The Heritage Line

Clear design and the highest quality. The Heritage Line continues to carry popular Semikolon products that are now stationery classics. Now in new colours, with newly designed packaging and innovative details.


Cutting Edge

You are what you keep

At Semikolon, we believe that special moments - and how we preserve them - bring joy and meaning to our lives. That is the reason why our products are made using traditional craftsmanship with high quality materials - following a pioneering design in a choice arrangement of colors. Semikolon preserves your most valuable moments and helps you tell the story associated with every photo, word, or keepsake that has entered your life. 


Photo Albums

Mucho A5 Notebook

Doppio Photo Frame

Set of 5 Gift Boxes

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